Matthew Cunningham

I lead teams and deliver world-class Designs. My specialties are Interaction Design, Product Strategy, UI Design, and Collaborative Design Thinking.


I love working with clever people to make awesome new things. I am quite passionate about the potential of technology to empower people and improve the world - and I try to stay on the cutting edge. I also love to laugh. I love animals. I love art and music and movies. I'm a big believer in the creative power of calm, curious minds.

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+ 900% More Leads

Marketing Site Redesign

Performed user needs analysis, implemented full Interaction Design process with user research, journey maps, info architecture, wireframes, and art direction

+ $ Millions in Renewals

Cross-functional Product Leadership

Led cross-functional Research and Ideation sessions, Facilitated Design Jams, Worked with Executives, Mentored team, Architected Frameworks, Designed UI, etc.

+ 100% on Key Metrics

User Testing Service Design

Uncovered users’ mental models, analyzed back-end processes, reimagined the distribution system, and convinced executives to prioritize the change

~ 93% Retention Rate

App Interaction and Visual Design

Conducted in-depth user context research, led cross-functional teams in design workshops, owned the full-stack Design, and ran usability studies

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